Blue light and free radical damage to the skin

Dr. Med. Dr. Jana Janovska  Dermatologist, RSU researcher,  Works in Anti – Aging Institute, Veselības centrs 4;  Capital Clinic Riga; Dermatology clinic.  Have you ever imagined how often during the […]


Summer is a time of vacation and travel. In summer, the air literally vibrates, everything is plump and green, every leaf, every cane dance in the wind and […]


Body scrub – an effective body care product

Why is a body scrub so important in daily body care? The skin is our largest excretory organ, and sweat, toxins, slag, and other metabolic end products exit […]


Facial skin cleansing

Skin cleansing is the first step to beautiful and healthy skin. Regardless of whether you use make-up, your facial skin should be cleaned daily – preferably 2x a […]


Face and body care in spring

Every season our skin faces different challenges and every season the skin needs proper care and products. After the winter season, our skin most often loses moisture, tone […]


Freshwater Green Mud

The surprising benefits of freshwater green mud The main ingredient in all of MARENCE skincare cosmetics is a unique 100% natural extract of Freshwater Green Mud. Freshwater Green […]

Green thinking and environmental responsibility

Green thinking and environmental responsibility are key values of MARENCE.  For cosmetic products sold in tubes MARENCE has chosen to use a 100% recyclable packaging made from sugarcane. […]


How to choose the right product for personal care

It is considered that the appearance of the skin, especially the skin of the hands, reveals the true age of a person. Today, our daily lives are difficult to imagine […]


MARENCE extracts and ingredients

All of MARENCE skincare ingredients are of natural origin, and none of our products contain sulfates, parabens or other substances harmful to the body. During the research and […]

Green Mud for Health

Green Mud for Health Mud has been used in medicine and cosmetics for centuries. Freshwater Green Mud is formed in lakes and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for […]