Green mud from the northern lakes:
7,000 years of strength and beauty.


Our story begins in depth

What you see looking at our northern nature is the beautiful exterior: fragrant pines and silvery bends, soft rivers and blue lakes, moss and sand.
What we, MARENCE, see is the power inside: the wisdom and might of Latvia’s intact natural depths that have been accumulated for thousands of years.
There, in the very abyss of the lake, in the depths, the story of MARENCE begins.
In fact, this story began more than 7,000 years ago – the origin of freshwater green mud is so old.
Freshwater green mud is a real natural wonder, which we get only here in Latvia – in one of the lakes of Rāzna National Park. It is worth knowing more about this rich natural material – take a look at the MUD ABC and get to know one of Latvia’s greatest natural treasures!

In short, what makes mud so special?

It has a memory of natural processes, the power and ability to release minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other valuable substances into our body, while purifying it.
Freshwater mud works at the deepest tissue level, supplying your body with energy and information about its ability to always regenerate, as well as biologically active substances that have accumulated in the depths of the lake for thousands of years layer by layer.
Now, thanks to the creators of MARENCE cosmetic formulas, we give this information and strength to you – for your beauty, strength and health.

In our opinion, strength, beauty and health go hand in hand.

We know that beauty begins with well-being, well-being begins with health, and health with the ability to use the forces and resources of nature.
That’s why MARENCE’s story isn’t just about beautiful skin and great hair.
It is about natural healing, physical and mental well-being, about the power of life and enjoyable relaxation after a lot of work done.

Human is Nature and Nature is Human.

This unity is clearly expressed and coded in the glacial freshwater lake ecosystem that formed in the Northern Hemisphere 7,000 years ago. And it really wasn’t a gentle process.
We in the north believe in the process of Nature. We in the north are skeptical about the elixirs of youth. We have been taught to patiently care and wait calmly for results. Instead of quick miracles, we choose steadiness and depth. It is a wisdom that the northern heritage has preserved to be passed on to future generations. Now, thanks to the creators of MARENCE cosmetic formulas, we give this information and strength to you – for your beauty, strength and health.
Exactly this connection with history, science and wisdom represents our chosen name, MARENCE.

Facts worth to know

All our products contain 100% natural freshwater green mud extract.
The tubes of cosmetic products are made from sugar cane, which is a 100% recyclable resource, and its production significantly reduces CO2 emissions into the air.
We are appreciated by customers in the Baltics as well as in Iceland, Canada, Germany, Austria and other countries of the world.
Absolutely all products are safe to use as they are dermatologically tested.
Mud and its beneficial effects on human health are being studied by doctors and scientists.
Most of our products are fragrance free.