Face and body care in spring

Every season our skin faces different challenges and every season the skin needs proper care and products. After the winter season, our skin most often loses moisture, tone and looks dull, which means that the skin lacks minerals and vitamins, so during the spring it is necessary to pay more attention to skin care to prepare for the summer season. MARENCE professionals share tips on how to do it right.


Regardless of whether you use make-up or not, your facial skin should be cleaned daily – preferably 2x a day – in the morning and evening. Use a skin cleanser (lotion, milk, micellar water or cleansing foam), then rinse your face with luke warm water and finish cleansing with a tonic to normalize your skin’s pH. If the top layer of the skin is not cleansed, it will not allow its deepest layers to absorb the valuable components of day and night face cream or masks, serums and ampoules. After cleansing, it is recommended to peel the skin so that in the spring it regains a healthy glow as soon as possible and gets rid of the stratum corneum dead cells accumulated in the winter season. It is advised to deep clean even twice a week, Scrub or peeling should be gentle, for sensitive and problematic skin – not abrasive. Do not use the scrubs for the skin with inflammation and rash, otherwise the peeling treatment may only worsen the condition of the skin. Choose the right peeling for your face and the right products for the body.


After facial cleansing and face/body peeling, thoroughly moisturize the skin with a deep hydrating cream. Now is the time to replace the winter nourishing cream with a lighter moisturizer. However, to replenish tired and lost skin cells, it is recommended to use a nourishing face mask once a week. Don’t forget about eye cream, because the skin around the eyes can be especially dry and irritated after the winter. It is also important to protect the skin from the effects of UV every day and stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration system, so the sunscreen (abbreviated as SPF on the package) should be preferably 15 in the daily face cream. You can also help your skin with supplements. Our skin is in great need of vitamins A, C and E after the winter season. And, of course, we remember that healthy and radiant skin is also based on a well-thought-out lifestyle – a healthy diet, walks in the fresh air and drink plenty of water to open all the cells and pores. Have a sunny and beautiful summer!

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