• Anti-age liftinga krēms sejas ādai 3K MEN multi molekulārs -30% Off
    Original price was: 69.00€.Current price is: 48.30€.

    Anti-Age face lifting cream 3K multi-molecular reduces wrinkles, increases elasticity, firms and lifts. Hyaluronic acid with three different molecular weights stimulates collagen synthesis, promotes skin repair, reduces roughness. It has a deeply moisturising and rejuvenating effect.

  • Mitrinošs krēms sejas ādai MEN -30% Off
    Original price was: 39.00€.Current price is: 27.30€.

    Moisturising face cream with a light texture is an immediate moisturising treatment.

  • Dare Deo 75g -20% Off
    Original price was: 22.90€.Current price is: 18.32€.

    Dare to be happy. Dare to dream! Dare to be unique and stylish! Believe what you want and you will get it. It is one of the most important lessons that help you achieve success in life. Desire is a stimulus to action.

    Deodorant stick DARE with a pleasant exhilarating woody scent with notes of musk provides a feeling of freshness throughout the day. Effective, fast drying, leaves no stains on clothing.

  • Balzams pēc skūšanās 3K MEN multi-molekulārs, 75ml -30% Off
    Original price was: 39.00€.Current price is: 27.30€.

    After shave balm 3K multi-molecular calms, moisturises the skin and ensures a feeling of comfort. Hyaluronic acid with three different molecular weights stimulates collagen synthesis, promotes skin repair and decreases skin roughness. It deeply moisturises, increases elasticity, tones and softens the skin.

  • Blue Light Defence Fluid -40% Off
    Original price was: 39.00€.Current price is: 23.40€.


    Blue light defense fluid helps to protect the skin from the negative effects of blue light.

    The active ingredient – Carotolino – acts as a shield and effectively protects the skin from premature aging that is caused by blue light emitted from electronic devices (smartphones, laptops, TVs). Defense fluid reduces the skin’s oxidative stress, and provides it with a healthy and radiant tone.

  • BODY BUTTER 250 G 800x800 2

    Body butter nourishes, deeply moisturises and gives immediate comfort to the skin. It is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy feeling. Body butter contains sea buckthorn extract that is rich in antioxidants and gives skin warm golden glow. Cocoa and shea butters and avocado oil nourishes and softens the skin. Grapefruit and orange essential oils can help uplift mood and reduce stress.

  • Nourishinghandcream40ml 800x800 1

    Comfort travel with MARENCE!

    Nourishing hand cream nourishes, moisturises and softens the skin. MARENCE specially developed Freshwater green mud extract, aloe vera juice and valuable oils supply the skin with micro-and macro elements, amino acids and vitamins. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Calmingfootbalm100ml 800x800 1

    Calming foot balm with tea tree oil. The balm has a deeply soothing effect, it provides a feeling of relief for tired feet.

  • EDP 100ML 800x800 1

    Our specially formulated fragrance opens with hints of Sicilian lemon paired with pink peppercorn and a sophisticated nutmeg. Under this is layered sensual notes of plum with a rich base of wood, patchouli, tobacco, and sandalwood. These blend together to make a seductively tempting aroma.

  • Skrubis sejas ādai

    Face scrub for younger looking skin. MARENCE specially developed Freshwater green mud extract, hyaluronic acid, aloe juice, vitamin E, hydrolyzed elastin, camelina and jojoba oils supply the skin with micro-and macro elements, amino acids and vitamins. During massage, the fine spherical shape jojoba wax beads safely slough off dead skin cells. Foaming additive from oat amino acids gently cleanses the skin from impurities.


  • zaļo dūņu aplikācijas Out of Stock

    Marence mud applications are specifically intended to be applied on joints (shoulder, elbow, hand, fingers, hip, knee, and foot). Those can be applied locally on any other part of the body (avoiding heart region). The mud boosts metabolism and improves circulation, enhancing tissue regeneration, muscle relaxation and increasing the range of motion in the particular joint. The mud applications help to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain, leading to faster recovery and return to everyday activities and hobbies.

  • Freshwater green mud 500g stikls

    Freshwater green mud is a product created by nature – a complicated system that acts at the deepest levels in the human body, activating body’s self-healing ability. It contains biologically active substances – the presence of rich organic matter, including full complex of amino acids, vitamins, natural antibiotics and antioxidants, humic acids, lipids, fulvic acids, fatty acids, and enzymes, as well as micro- and macro elements. Keep away from direct sunlight. Shake before use.

  • Hairmask200ml 800x800 1

    Hair mask with amino acid complex provides intense moisturising and nourishing, provides hair with softness, shine and elasticity without making it heavy.

  • Shampoo200ml 800x800 1 Out of Stock

    Shampoo with amino acid complex gently cleanses the hair and scalp, restores natural beauty of damaged hair. Rich formula with moisturising ingredients and conditioning properties provides hair with power, shine and healthy look.

  • SALT BODY SCRUB 400 G BitterLemon2 800x800 1

    Salt body scrub exfoliates, detoxifies and restores skin’s natural glow. During massage, the salt and almond shell beads gently eliminate dead skin cells, leaving fresh and radiant looking skin. Salt contains minerals which help to reduce inflammation and flush away toxins. The scrub that is enriched with avocado, camelina, jojoba and grapeseed oils, panthenol and hydrolyzed elastin revitalises and gives more youthful look to the skin. MARENCE specially developed Freshwater green mud extract supplies the skin with micro-and macro elements, amino acids and vitamins.

  • Dušas želeja Out of Stock

    Shower gel forms a light fluffy foam that gently cleanses and refreshes the skin. The pleasant aroma of flowers gives a feeling of freshness for the whole day. The unique combination of silk proteins and aloe vera juice actively moisturises the skin and helps to eliminate dryness.