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    With the gentle hands of Mother Nature, this mask will caress, nourish and smooth your skin, lifting the face oval and delaying unwanted wrinkles. Stimulates collagen synthesis, restoring firmness and strength to the skin.

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    This creamy mask is a real help for dry, dehydrated skin. Its rich composition – shea butter, camelina oil, grape seed and jojoba oils – will instantly refresh your skin, smooth fine lines, enrich the skin with valuable active substances and promote skin regeneration.

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    A quick fix for dry, irritated skin or a slow part of an evening ritual, this unique, rich mask will provide instant comfort and well-feeling. Seed oil, rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids, will reduce inflammation and will help to calm the skin affected by dermatitis and psoriasis. Regenerating jojoba oil will relieve the skin of stress, heal and restore fragile, sensitive skin.