A miracle of Latvian nature – freshwater green mud
What makes it so special?

MARENCE skincare contains a unique main ingredient: freshwater lake green mud, its 100% natural extract is found in all our products. Green mud, also known as limus, is a naturally occurring, biologically active product, created by the disintegration of flora and fauna, as the result of complex biological changes in an oxygen free space in the depths of a lake – approx. 10 meters deep. Green mud is created in a process measurable in thousands of years – it circa 7,000 years old. Our cosmetics manufacturing experts combine mud extracts obtained in Latvia with active, modern, cosmetic ingredients used in Europe and Japan. This results in creating the outstanding and unique skincare products that ensure long-lasting and effective results for the skin, face, hair structure and overall physical well-being.
Freshwater green mud is an extraordinary and powerful, biologically active substance that contains:

– a complete amino acid mix
– an abundance of the vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, D, E and PP
– rutin
– natural antioxidants
– lipids
– enzymes
– humic acids
– fulvic acids
– amino acids
– micro and macro elements

In short – all the necessities for your body’s strength and beauty, healing and well-being.
We at MARENCE have taken care that this natural power comes to your hands in a concentrated form, without losing a single gram of its valuable, living characteristics. The freshwater mud possesses special super-qualities – its PH levels are very similar to the PH levels of our skin. This means that the skin recognises the chemical compound of the mud and ‘allows’ it to affect its deepest layers. This guarantees MARENCE cosmetic’s intensely thorough and long-lasting effects, taking care of your skin’s health and beauty.

Where does the mud come from?

The star of Rāznas National Nature Park is, of course, the scenic Rāznas lake, although it is surrounded by many other small and lesser-known lakes. Among them is our lake – decorated by reeds and waterlilies, it keeps its natural and powerful gift in its seven meter depths – the freshwater green mud that we obtain and transform into our rejuvenating extracts. A specialized process guarantees maximum preservation of the bioactivity of the mud.

Mud for health and beauty

Freshwater mud has been used in medicine and beauty for centuries. It possesses distinct antibacterial qualities and antioxidant abilities, plus it has no side-effects. Today, we hold efficiency in high value, and there is almost nothing else that resembles that of the mud extract. Hence, the green mud extract is present in all of our products – for the face, body, and for hair care.
The high proportion of organic and biologically active substances allows the valuable components of the mud to sink deep into the skin, with stable effects. When using green mud in an application and as a mask, two processes are active: the body takes on the healing substances and simultaneously rids itself of toxins.
The effectiveness of the green mud is temperature-dependent. For example, warm mud improves blood circulation and metabolism, but cold mud can narrow blood vessels and slow the metabolism. The optimum temperature for mud application is 35 to 38 degrees Celsius, when warmed in a water bath. Excessive heating can reduce the mud’s effect.

● improves lymph and blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels, improves the movement of oxygen
● promotes skin regeneration and healing, reduces cellulite and subcutaneous fat
● restores the lipid – moisture barrier, improves skin structure, normalizes secretion of the sebaceous glands
● boosts immunity and stress resistance, bestows relaxing effects
● provides comfort for tired legs, relieves pain and swelling, helps prevent fungal infections


● bruises, wounds, scars, burns
● healing fractures, treating chronic inflammation
● reducing depression, headache, despondency
● certain gynaecological and urological diseases
● skin disorders – reducing eczema, psoriasis, seborrhoea, acne, hyperpigmentation
● fungal infections, peripheral vascular disorders, early stage prevention of venous disease
● degenerative joint disorders and musculoskeletal disorders


● significantly reducing pain
● restoring mobility
● improving general body condition with continued remission, for at least six months.


● Fever
● High blood pressure, severe heart disease
● Acute illness or exacerbation of chronic disease
● Purulent drainage
● Acute exacerbation of a blood disorder
● Tuberculosis or similar conditions
● Paralysis
● Oncological disorders
● Undiagnosed joint, skin or other diseases

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100% recyclable packaging

We are proud of not only the natural content of our cosmetics, but also our natural packaging. All our product tubes are manufactured from sugarcane bi-products, which are 100% recyclable and a renewable resource! The manufacturing of this material significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Want to know how it works?
The first stage of ‘Green PE’ manufacturing is growing the sugarcane. During germination, the sugarcane metabolizes CO2, to synthesize sucrose. In a complicated fermentation and dehydration process, this is then refined into ethylene, and used to create different kinds of packaging which hold equal quality to regular polyethylene, but is 100% recyclable. This reduces the harmful effects on nature and promotes the use of renewable resources.
MARENCE plans to gradually move to full ‘Green Polyethylene’ packaging, therefore meeting the highest standards of eco-farming and being an example to other manufacturers. Search for “I’M Green” marked products.

How is the mud extract made?

The mud extract is obtained in three ways: via oil, water or alcohol for maximum preservation of active organic concentrate.
The WATER-BASED extract contains 7 types of amino acids, 3 different kinds of B vitamins, and humic acids.
The OIL-BASED extract contains a complex of biologically active chlorophyll, carotenoids and phytosterols.
The 30% ETHYL ALCOHOL BASED extract contains 13 types of amino acids, 4 types of B vitamins and rutin.
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