Terms & Conditions

MARENCE has developed the Terms & Conditions to inform you, Customer, who uses or intends to use our Services and purchase Products we offer, on the terms of use of our Services.

The Terms and Conditions describe the conditions under which we maintain and provide the functionality of the Website, the terms and conditions of the Contract and delivery, the terms and conditions for the purchase and return of Products we offer, as well as other information related to Services and Products offered by MARENCE.

If you want to contact us, you can find our contact details in Section 10 of the Terms and Conditions.

  • Customer(s), you – person who uses the MARENCE Services
  • Competent Authority – a national or local government institution where the Customer may apply for the protection of his/ her rights
  • Contract – a distance contract entered between MARENCE and the Customer regarding purchase of Products and/or Gift Card
  • MARENCE, we – SIA MARENCE, registration number 42103080197, having its registered office at Darznieku street 42, Ķekava, LV-2123, Latvia
  • Website – website www.www.marence.com
  • Terms and Conditions – These terms and conditions regarding Services provided by MARENCE
  • Service(s) – any action taken by MARENCE in the course of our business, including offering Products and/ or Gift Cards to the Customer, enforcing the Contract, and creating and maintaining the Profile
  • Personal Data – Customer’s personal data and other information required for the provision of Services and other purposes in accordance with the Privacy Policy and provided by the Customer directly or indirectly
  • Supplier – MARENCE cooperation partner that ensures delivery of Products you have ordered
  • Privacy Policy – MARENCE Privacy Policy that determines the processing of Personal Data
  • Product(s) – products for face and body care and bioactive products made and marketed by Marence through the Website
  • Profile – Customer profile created on the Website
  • Third Party – any individual or legal entity involved in provision of Services to the Customer (for example, mail service providers)

We offer face and body care products and bioactive products that can be purchased on the Website, section Shop. Assortment, quantity, weight and size of Products can be viewed, and they can be ordered in the Website section of the respective Product.

Product pictures posted on the Website are for illustration purposes only and nuances of the Product package colours may differ from those shown on the Website.

Information and content posted and available on the website, including, but not limited to, Products and their names, trademarks, logotypes, graphic signs, pictures, video and sound recordings are owned by MARENCE or our cooperation partners and are protected pursuant to the laws and regulations regulating the use of intellectual property, copyright and trademarks. MARENCE trademark may not be used without written permission by MARENCE.


Creating of the Customer Profile is not mandatory to purchase MARENCE Products; however, such Profile can make your shopping more convenient and enjoyable.

To make the purchase of MARENCE Products and Gift Cards on the Website more convenient, you can get registered on the Website, create your Profile and save your Product delivery address and billing information. The Profile will be used as a communication channel between you and MARENCE to have the distance contract entered on the purchase of Products pursuant to the Terms and Conditions and applicable laws and regulations.

For creation of the Profile you need an email address, and you will have to create a login password that will protect the Profile from unauthorised access. MARENCE reserves the right to block or deny access to the Profile at any time if there is a suspicion of violation of these Terms and Conditions or unauthorized access to the Profile. If you suspect that your Profile password has become available to Third Parties, you may change your Profile password or ask us to block access to the Profile and issue a new password. To be able to exercise these rights, MARENCE may require you to provide information confirming your identity and your status as the owner of the Profile.

You can register on the Website and create your own Profile here.


Purchase of Products and conclusion of the Contract is done on the Website of MARENCE online shop. Purchase of Products for resale or other business interests is not permitted.

As part of the order process, MARENCE allows you to review and modify Products and/ or their quantity and the amount of the Gift Card you wish to purchase. Before you place an order, check the quantity, weight, and size of each Product you choose to make an order that meets your needs.

You can make payment for Products and/ or Gift Card in the following ways:

  • by payment card;
  • by means of PayPal;
  • by wire transfer.

From the moment you confirm your order by clicking on [Confirm purchase/ Confirm order], you agree to purchase and pay for Products you have chosen to purchase and the Product delivery.

If the payment is made with a payment card or via PayPal, you will receive a confirmation from MARENCE that your order has been received and is being processed, and an invoice. If the payment is made by wire transfer, you will receive a confirmation from MARENCE that your order has been received. Having made the transfer, you will receive a confirmation from MARENCE that the purchase has been made and processed, and after payment you will receive an invoice confirmation.


All Product prices are expressed in euro (EUR) and include VAT and/ or other applicable taxes and fees. In addition to the price of Product specified on the Website, a Product delivery fee may apply.

Delivery fee is calculated based on the delivery address of the Product you specify. Delivery fee is calculated and indicated before you approve and pay for the order. If delivery fee cannot be accurately calculated before the order is placed, we will inform you about it.

Payment for Product and delivery fee may be made on the Website by a payment card (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Visa Electron), by using PayPal or by transfer to the MARENCE account number indicated in the confirmation email sent by MARENCE to your email address after processing the order. Confirmation letter is in electronic form and is valid without signature.


To provide our Services, including maintaining the Profile, and to conclude and perform the Contract we process your Personal Data. Information on the processing of Customer’s Personal Data by MARENCE is available in the Privacy Policy.


You have the right to refuse Products received within 14 days without giving any reason. The term for exercising the right of withdrawal expires after 14 days of the date we have delivered Product to the delivery address indicated on the order (if the Products are shipped separately, the term runs from the date of delivery of the last Product).

You may exercise the right of withdrawal by giving us notice of your decision to exercise the right of withdrawal by letter or email (see MARENCE contact details in Section 11 of the Terms and Conditions). For the right of withdrawal to be respected, it is sufficient that you give notice of the exercise of the right of withdrawal before expiry of the right of withdrawal.

Please note that you will not be able to exercise this right of withdrawal if you have opened a package of a Product that cannot be returned for health and hygiene reasons.

If you refuse Products you have received, we will refund the payments you have made for Products. The refund will be made to the account from which the payment for Products was made, without undue delay, and in any event no later than 14 days of the date we were notified of your decision to exercise the right of withdrawal.

You are obliged to send the Products to the MARENCE address specified in Section 11 of the Terms and Conditions without undue delay and in any case no later than within 14 days of the date you have notified us of your decision to refuse Products. Please note that you will have to bear the direct costs of returning the goods.

MARENCE reserves the right to withhold the refund until we have received Products back.

The refund will be made using the same means of payment as you used for the original transaction unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. In any case, no additional fee will be charged to you for such refund.


MARENCE reserves the right to terminate the provision of Services to the Customer at any time if there is reasonable suspicion or evidence that the Customer has violated or violates the Terms and Conditions.

MARENCE is not responsible for non-performance of the Contract or failure to provide Service due to circumstances and obstacles that have arisen beyond our reasonable control or due to force majeure.

Any disputes, disagreements or misunderstandings related to the Contract and/ or Services are mutually resolved by MARENCE and the Customer through mutual negotiations. Failing amicable settlement, you may apply to the court having jurisdiction or to the Competent Authority.

We have the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time by posting them on the Website. Any version of the Terms and Conditions published on the Website replaces all previous versions of the Terms and Conditions and take effect immediately upon posting on the Website.


Our contact information:

address: Darznieku street 42, Kekavas district, Kekavas parish, Kekava, LV-2123, Latvia;

email address: marence@marence.com.

Current version of the Terms and Conditions: 08.11.2021