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    Marence mud applications are specifically intended to be applied on joints (shoulder, elbow, hand, fingers, hip, knee, and foot). Those can be applied locally on any other part of the body (avoiding heart region). The mud boosts metabolism and improves circulation, enhancing tissue regeneration, muscle relaxation and increasing the range of motion in the particular joint. The mud applications help to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain, leading to faster recovery and return to everyday activities and hobbies.

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    Freshwater green mud is a product created by nature – a complicated system that acts at the deepest levels in the human body, activating body’s self-healing ability. It contains biologically active substances – the presence of rich organic matter, including full complex of amino acids, vitamins, natural antibiotics and antioxidants, humic acids, lipids, fulvic acids, fatty acids, and enzymes, as well as micro- and macro elements. Keep away from direct sunlight. Shake before use.