Freshwater Green Mud

The surprising benefits of freshwater green mud

The main ingredient in all of MARENCE skincare cosmetics is a unique 100% natural extract of Freshwater Green Mud. Freshwater Green Mud is a biologically active natural product, the result of the complex biodegradation of flora and fauna in a non-oxygenated environment, over thousands of years. Experts on the MARENCE team have developed effective recipes based on extensive research. By mixing extracts from Latvia’s natural ecosystems with high-quality active components from France, Germany, USA and Japan, MARENCE has created skincare products and cosmetics which ensures long-term and effective results for the face, hair, and body wellness.

Freshwater green mud in MARENCE cosmetics

The Freshwater Green Mud in MARENCE skincare products and cosmetics is used in different proportions. For each product, Freshwater Green Mud is processed using one of three potential bases: oil, water or 30% ethyl. The different extracts are then used in various skincare products according to the desired effect. MARENCE Freshwater Green Mud contains the full complex of amino acids, it is rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, D, E and P, and also contains natural antioxidants, lipids, enzymes, and macro and micro elements. One of the key components of the Freshwater Green Mud extract is fulvic acid, a molecule that can penetrate the skin cells and supply them with valuable nutrients. Fulvic acid and other elements in MARENCE Freshwater Green Mud prevent signs of aging whilst moisturizing, cleansing, strengthening and restoring even the most sensitive skin. Freshwater Green Mud has beneficial effects on the entire body due to its complex chemical and biological structure.

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