Marence Supports

Since 2018 Marence has been a sponsor of the Wil Table Tennis Club (TTC Wil) in Switzerland. We are proud to help athletes not only ease everyday strain and heal injuries, but also achieve great results! Freshwater Green Mud bioactive products improve microcirculation and metabolism, enhancing tissue regeneration and muscle relaxation and increasing the range of joint motion. The application of Freshwaster Green Mud also reduces inflammation, swelling and pain, relaxes muscles, and strengthens joints.

"Achieving remarkable results means working with discipline. During training and championships, it’s a really good feeling to know that you have someone to rely on. Thanks to the effectiveness of freshwater green mud products, we feel more confident. Marence is a must-have for our first-aid kit." 

/Christian Hotz, team leader and manager of TTC Wil/