About Us

Marence - skin care inspired by Northern Europe's ancient ecosystem

The Marence Skincare brand is made in Latvia, a country along the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. One of the main components of all Marence’s products is Freshwater Green Mud - harvested from a depth of 7 metres in one of the clearest lakes in Latvia, in Rāzna National Park. Since the 19th century, Latvia has been famous for its resorts and health spas where mud has been used in healing processes and other medical purposes. Freshwater Green Mud is a unique resource from Latvia's pure, natural and unspoiled lakes. With modern technology it is possible to produce a mud extract that is an effective component of all our skincare products. The Marence product range includes lines for face, body and hair, as well as separate lines of multi-molecular and bioactive products. Merence’s cosmetic products contain not only Freshwater Green Mud extracts, but also natural plant extracts harvested in Latvia, and high-quality active components from certified companies in France, Germany, USA and Japan.