Mud Healing Properties

MARENCE freshwater mud is a biologically active substance, which among the peloids (clay, mud, and peat) has the highest compatibility with human body and the ability to provide ”energy, substances and information at the cellular level”.

Many scientific researches have proven that biologically active substances penetrates the epidermis and derma, also they get into the body through the sweat glands, circulatory and lymphatic systems, not changing their composition and structure. The main healing factor is its' soluble and absorbable organic components.

Mud usage for COSMETIC PURPOSES as masks and applications:
- refreshes the skin, makes it elastic and smooth, prevents ageing processes;  
- supplies skin with vitamins, amino acids and minerals;
- speeds up cells regeneration up to 10%  (regenerates skin cells and nerve fibers);
- helps to get rid of cellulite, breaks down fat;
- restores immunity, strengthens skins' protective properties;
- helps to get rid of acne;
- cleans the skin by destgroying up to 95% of bacteria, fungus, toxins and heavy metals;
- strengthens and prevents hair loss;
- strengthens nail structure.

- helps to fight with CNS caused traumas and diseases;
- helps to heal arthritis, poliarthritis, spine diseases;
- heals bruises, fractures, fresh wounds and scars (can be used to treat burn marks).